Written in Sage Design Co.

Written in Sage Design Company started in 2019 and has taken many different shapes over the years, now settled into a western boutique offering design services for small businesses + brides, inspired by the tales of California's cowboys and the evolving cowgirl lifestyle.

Howdy! I'm Madeline and I'm the sole designer, production line, shipping department, and social media manager behind this brand I call Written in Sage Design Co. or WSD for short.

I'm a California native with a long history dating back to the first Spanish land grant and the days of Vaqueros traveling up and down the state building missions with Padre Serra, taming wild cattle and making bridle horses. I am inspired by the tales of California's cowboys and the western lifestyle.

When I'm not designing or making the products you see on this website, you can find me being a mama raising up a little cowboy, taking care of our little 20 acre patch of heaven, checking cows + riding horses, or sitting on the front porch with my husband watching the sunset with a cold one.

Thanks for supporting this cowgirl's dream and being a member of the WSD